The below Patient Bill of Rights outlines your rights as a patient at any medical clinic.

You Have The Right To:

Receive services in a non-judgmental, caring environment that’s committed to keeping patient records confidential (except where required by law).


  • Receive professional medical care from organizations that are committed to honesty and integrity, and won’t manipulate or pressure you.
  • Receive services in a safe environment that supports your right to make your own decisions about your pregnancy.

  • Receive a non-biased presentation of all your options related to your pregnancy, and be respected in the decision you make.
  • Receive full information about the health of your current pregnancy, and about your pregnancy’s stage and development. 
  • Access unbiased information about all your legal options related to pregnancy and ending a pregnancy.
  • Receive care from an organization that records in writing all services and information provided. This ensures that every patient is given the same information with the same excellence.
  • Receive care from an organization that confirms in writing for every patient that services provided follow written standards.
  • Fully understand how an organization may profit from any decision you make about your pregnancy.
  • Have confidence that your medical care provider will direct  the follow-up care needed to measure the effectiveness of treatment and protect your reproductive health. 
  • Receive information on community resources available to you for ongoing support related to abortion, adoption, and parenting.


Your Responsibilities: 

  • You are responsible for providing accurate health-history information to your provider.
  • You are responsible to participate in deciding your personal treatment plan.
  • You are responsible to follow the treatment plan you agree to with your provider.
  • You are responsible to communicate suggestions, complaints or offenses in an exit survey at the end of each appointment.


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