Fertility Awareness

How It Works

Fertility awareness is also called natural family planning. It works by   preventing fertilization of the egg on the woman’s fertile days to avoid getting pregnant. Sex is avoided on these days or a barrier form of birth control is used. About halfway through a woman’s cycle, her body releases an egg. That egg has up to 24 hours to be fertilized by sperm.

What Happens

Sperm can survive for about five days. This means a woman can become pregnant from sex that took place five days before or 24 hours after her body released an egg. There are three different ways to track fertility: the cervical mucus method, the calendar/rhythm method and the basal body temperature method. The only FDA-approved method of fertility awareness is the Natural Cycles app, which is 98% effective.






Side Effects

Possible Side Effects of Fertility Awareness:

*There are no negative side effects to using fertility awarness.